Box Legend attends launch of Maskomat in Germany

Updated: Jun 17

The German Box Legend Axel Schulz is excited about the innovative approach to make affordable face masks available at grocery stores

Berlin, 11th June 2020: The first Maskomat (AutoMask) in Berlin has been launched at the Netto branch in Mark-Twain-Street. The collaboration between the mask vending machine supplier Flavura and the major grocery store chain Netto makes affordable face masks easily available for all customers so they can shop safe. The Maskomat is been tested at 3 branches of Netto in Hamburg and Berlin and is considered to be installed at various locations across Germany.

"What a brilliant idea!" Axel Schulz, Box Legend

The German Box Legend Axel Schulz is excited about the innovation of the Maskomat. It is very easy to forget the mask and impossible to get a mask otherwise as there is no way to access the store without a mask accordingly to the latest Government regulations.

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The German-made Maskomat is now available in the UK. It will be exclusivly distributed by the WCD group based in Gloucestershire.

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